All-You-Can-Eat for a Fixed Price at Asakusa Hotel! Enjoy Natural Hot Springs at 'Onshuku Nono


There's a hotel in Asakusa where you can enjoy all-you-can-eat for a fixed price.

Upon hearing such a tale, I decided to stay there in July 2023.

Features of Onyado Nono

Onyado Nono is unique in that all its floors are tatami, allowing guests to walk around barefoot.

This ensures a relaxed atmosphere for unwinding.

Naturally, the rooms themselves also have tatami, letting guests rest comfortably.

This is a single room

Moreover, the reviews seem to be very favorable.

The breakfast, with its variety and quality, has been a topic of praise and is served in a lavish buffet style.

This makes the hotel highly recommendable for seafood and Japanese cuisine lovers.

Being part of the renowned Dormy Inn chain, the hotel is priced more reasonably compared to other Asakusa hotels, ensuring a worry-free stay.

Many international families frequent it, and the staff can assist in English.

For those wanting to experience a calm, traditional Japanese atmosphere and savor a delicious breakfast, Onyado Nono is highly recommended.

Meals at Onyado Nono

My most memorable experience during my stay at Onyado Nono was undoubtedly the marvelous breakfast.

The hotel offers an all-you-can-eat menu featuring salmon and ikura (salmon roe).

Fresh and tasty ikura can be indulged to one's heart's content, a delight for its enthusiasts.
The breakfast is served in a luxurious buffet style.

Various side dishes include a focus on seafood and feature local ingredients,boasting a diverse range of options.

The first round showcased its brilliance starting with breakfast – even negitoro is unlimited!

The second round includes Western dishes like hamburgers.

Eel, now a luxury, is also included, even in the chawanmushi (steamed egg custard).

The seafood dishes' quality is outstanding, and there's an array of desserts, from cakes to melon, watermelon, pineapple, and water dumplings.

For international guests, there are also bread options like croissants, catering to those not keen on Japanese cuisine.

Natural Hot Springs at Onyado Nono

Onyado Nono in Asakusa provides a natural hot spring experience. The hot spring at Onyado Nono is from their own source, ensuring guests can enjoy fresh, flowing hot spring water. It's said to have benefits for beautifying the skin and relaxation. The facility boasts a large communal bath, saunas, and various other hot spring types. I tried the sauna, which had a pleasant hinoki (cypress) scent. Bathing can help alleviate stress and fatigue. After a bath, guests receive a free ice cream; I chose ice monaka.

Access to Onyado Nono

Onyado Nono can be accessed by walking from "Tobu Tojo Line Asakusa Station" or "Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa Station". Though the former is closer, I walked from the Toei Asakusa Line.

Address: 〒111-0032 Tokyo, Taito Ward, Asakusa 2-7-20

Phone: 03-5830-0510

Food Around the Hotel

The Asakusa district boasts numerous attractions. The renowned Asakusa Temple is historically significant and always bustling with tourists. However, the street food on Nakamise Street is particularly enticing.

 "Marimari" offers a unique treat, a combination of croissant

"Marimari" offers a unique treat, a combination of croissant and waffle doused in syrup and cream.

The district, with its traditional shops, promises enjoyment just by walking.

 The "Asakusa Menchi" is a must-try,

With its rich historical ambiance contrasting modern Tokyo.

Their menchi katsu (deep-fried ground meat cutlet) is the best I've ever tasted.

At "Unana", enjoy eel rice balls.

Note: It's a ticket-based system where you purchase a ticket, are informed when to return (about 2 hours for me), and then revisit.

Staying at Onyado Nono, make sure to taste Asakusa's culinary offerings.